Choosing an Ideal Table Saw For You


Having a table saw can be one of those most significant investments that a woodworker or a carpenter could make. So that you would be able to make an excellent choice, you really need to be particular about your options. There are several kinds of table saw including portable or job site table saw, hybrid table saw, cabinet table saw and contractor table saw. Read on to know more about these.

  1. Portable Table Saw- These were developed to be easily transported around. It’s frequently ideal for craftsmen and other contractors who spend most of their time on site. These table saws can perform similar functions as those heftier table saws, although on a lesser level. Instead of having a big induction motor such as those in other kinds of saws, this saw is usually powered with compact universal motors. This might imply that this top table saw has less power as well as might be noisier. Additionally, a portable table saw lack adequate power in cutting through a thick hardwood and has a tendency to be designed inappropriately to offer true precision which an exceptional carpentry would ask.

  1. Hybrid Table Saw- Recently, business have recognized that there is a clear gulf in class with a high end cabinet saw and cost efficient contractor saw. This has resulted to a complete new kind of saw, which is the hybrid saw. This saw includes some of those most needed cabinet saw functions at prices which might still be suitable for keen beginner hobbyists.

This saw has more powerful arbor bearings and powerful trunnions and in almost all cases, it has stronger drive belt systems and gearing than the contractor saw. Also, they are lighter as well as designed with lesser powerful motors. In reality, they are not in a similar class as those first-rate cabinet saws, although hybrids are proven to be quite stable and excellently made to offer some positive aspects for keen hobbyists.

  1. Cabinet Table Saw- These saw are designed to suit the capabilities as well as durability requirements that experienced carpenters and woodworkers have. They are more robust and substantial in their all-round structure compared to contractor saws, but are costlier too. Also, they are ideal for sawing through those thick hardwood with ease anytime. Click here for more info!

  1. Contractor Table Saw- These were originally designed to be lightweight so it could be taken in any sites. Almost all of these have open bases as well as weighs around 250 to 350 lbs. This type of saw can be suitable for simple carpentry and cabinetry tasks and basic furniture making. A lot of these saws feature excellent fence system. Using the most excellent quality saw blades for a specific kind of cut would absolutely help this saw to perform well and enable it to finish complex carpentry projects.If you want to learn more about table saws, you can visit

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